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putting items of a list in random order

Posted by Bonnie Bell on November 14, 2001 10:51 AM

i am trying to constuct a list of items but it needs to be in random order. how would i go about this? help!

Posted by faster on November 14, 2001 10:54 AM

With your list in column A copy this formula down
column B. Sort by column B


Posted by Dan on November 14, 2001 10:59 AM

One way you could do it is to add a column next to your list and put this in those cells:


This will put random numbers next to your list. Then you can select both columns and sort in descending or ascending order on the cells with the random numbers. Everytime you do the sort , it should change the order because the numbers change on every new calculation in the sheet.

Try it out and see if that works for you. HTH