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Reference to neighbouring cell

Posted by Alan McCulloch on February 08, 2001 2:35 AM

I want to be able to invoke the following in a cell:

=hyperlink("some_URL",$the cell to the left of this one)

Where the reference

$the cell to the left of this one

returns the contents of the cell to the left of this
one !

- and such that the formula works wherever it is, and
always looks the same - i.e. I can't just put a
specific cell reference B10 or whatever for the
second arg. (Its because it is to be loaded from
a text CSV file , which in turn is produced
as an extract from a database)

I suspect it isn't possible without a VB solution,
which is not an option (as spreadsheet is
loaded from a flat CSV source file, as mentioned above)

I thought there might be a "THIS" function or
some such that would return a reference to the
current cell it was in , but can't see anything
like that.

Or maybe I'm missing something really obvious !?

Thanks for any tips !



Posted by Dave Hawley on February 08, 2001 3:12 AM

Hi Alan

Try this:

click in cell B1 then go to Insert>Name>Define, in the Name box type: LinkName. then in the Refers to Box type: =A1
Click Add then Ok.

Now in any cell put:


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