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repetitive data validation

Posted by stumped on January 06, 2002 6:21 PM

what would the solution be for this repetitive data entry problem:
a2 thru a50 contain account numbers (ex. 1004, 1564, 2345, etc) b2 thru b50 contain last names associated with these account numbers, (never change, ex 1004 goes with smith, 1564 goes with williams, etc)
how could i verify that the values as entered are correct when compared to the master list of all accounts and all names?

Posted by Derek on January 06, 2002 6:39 PM

Try using the Vlookup formula in your C column to obtain the same name from your master list. Then enclose it in an If formula that returns "Error" when they don't match. Ensure your master list account numbers are in numerical order.