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Simple LOOKUP problem !

Posted by vaz on November 16, 2000 2:45 AM

Im trying to use a simple Lookup formula to try and find whether the values in column A are in column B and if so give a True,False answer..

12 13
13 14
14 15
15 16
16 17

So hopefully for C1 it should read "FALSE" and C2:C5 it should read "TRUE"

Can anyone help?

Posted by Loren on November 16, 2000 4:19 AM

try =A1=B1 in cell C1

Posted by vaz on November 16, 2000 4:27 AM

I need it to check throughout the list in column B and need a lookup function for this, dont I? otherwise this =A1=B1 will simply relate the two rows together ???

Posted by Tim Francis-Wright on November 16, 2000 7:08 AM

C1 should have the formula:-

You can copy this formula to the other cells in
column C.


Posted by vaz on November 16, 2000 7:44 AM

THANKS HTH !!!!!!!

it works!