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Splitting Text Cells

Posted by Roy Brunt on August 16, 2001 12:38 PM

I have the following text in a cell and need some vb code or a formula to split it into 2 cells:


I would like to split the cells above so they read as follows

as25 in 1 cell nec20 in the other

i can get them to split into two cells but not remove both the brackets from the right hand side.

Please help with this if you can


Posted by Aladin Akyurek on August 16, 2001 1:56 PM

This one is formula-based:

In B1 enter: =LEFT(A1,SEARCH("(",A1)-1)
In C1 enter: =SUBSTITUTE(RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)-SEARCH("(",A1)),")","")



Posted by Joe Was on August 17, 2001 6:30 AM

Is this for the drumming application or product I.D.'s? JSW