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Time Conversion

Posted by Bob Brooks on August 30, 2000 9:41 AM

I am trying to devise a formula for converting hours:minutes:seconds into seconds in order to calculate an accurate machine process time.
An example is (Cell A1)(Cell B1) (Cell C1) (Cell D1)
04:15:00 04:19:25 = 00:04:25 (265)
Using the formula: =sum(b1-a1) (???)
I need (Cell D1) to take the value in C1 and convert to total Seconds (265). Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Posted by Bob Brooks on August 31, 0100 9:35 AM

Thanks for Responding

I found the following does what we need. =product((c1),60,60)) when used in cell D1

Posted by Celia on August 31, 0100 2:40 PM

Sorry my reply wasn't correct.
Should have been format cell D1 as [s] and enter the formula =C1

Posted by Celia on August 30, 0100 4:06 PM

Use the same formula in D1 but format the cell as [s].