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Urgent help required on Formulas

Posted by Debbie Guard on December 11, 2000 5:28 AM

I need to create a formula for an accounts sheet.
If I put a date in a cell I want the following cell to update with a date 2 weeks later eg. D1 = 24/5/00 E1 = 7/6/00.
I hope this makes sense.... Please someone help.

Posted by JAF on December 11, 2000 6:49 AM


The formula you need in cell E1 is as follows:


Copy this formula down for all possible data entry cells.

If the cell in Column D is blank, then the corresponding cell in Column E will be blank, otherwise, 14 days will be added to the date in Column D.

It is possible to make this more complex so that rather than having the formula in Column E, the value is entered automatically whenever Column D is updated.

If you need to know how to do this, let me know, but I think the above should be sufficient.