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Value Error...again

Posted by Patrick on April 25, 2001 6:46 AM

I have a cell that contains this formula
It produces a value error....that's fine with me..
what I would like to do is just to hide that there
is an error......I tried ISERROR but guess I never
put it together right...I have also used up the 3
conditional formats allowed for this cell
thanks in advance

Posted by IML on April 25, 2001 7:11 AM

How about


good luck

Posted by IML on April 25, 2001 7:18 AM

Not awake yet...

How about


Posted by Patrick on April 25, 2001 7:27 AM

Re: Not awake yet...

The second works great!!
Thanks so much......I was about to write a book
report on how I have things set!!
Thanks again

Posted by Aladin Akyurek on April 25, 2001 7:55 AM

It seems to me that the condition arg of IF should give trouble:

Simply change it to:


I read this as when E1 is equal to 37197 (which I assume to be a number, then nothing (""), else add 1 to the value of CK1 which must also be a number.


Posted by IML on April 25, 2001 2:46 PM

Re: Not awake yet...

No problem, glad to help. I was looking at it again and the following may be a little cleaner than nesting if statements.


I think this what I was thinking of on my unsuccessful first shot.