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vlookup or if or...?

Posted by N on July 26, 2001 7:27 AM

I want to choose from a table: which cell has the same value than another cell (in a specific column), if there is no match, check in the next column... and so forth, until one column value matches with the reference I give.

aaa bbb ccc ddd
A1 6 3 2 y

A2 5 3 1 y
A3 4 2 1 y

I want to find a match for the value in A1"aaa" (6) in A2 and A3 column aaa, if there in no match... check for a match in value A1"bbb"(3) in cells A2 and A3 column aaa.Once a match is found copy the whole row of the matched value (ie. A3"aaa" to A3 "ddd")

What's the best way?

Posted by Ian on July 26, 2001 9:21 AM

1) do you mean the value in ROW 1 COLUMN A rather than A1 "aaa"?
2) is the Actual data your looking at only 4 columns worth
3) is ever likely that there will be more than 1 match.

Because if I've got this right you've got 2 3's in rows 1 & 2 in column B and all of column D will be a match on a Y criteria??