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2 strange problems

Posted by doug on February 15, 2001 12:35 PM

First When i run my macro it saves a file. When i open that saved file i do not have a minimize and maximize buttons on the window. This is rather annoying, anyone know the cause/fix?
Second, I sometimes get a printer error where it asks me to select a printer, then when selecting one it tells me the printer is invalid and it quits, any advice?

thanks !

Posted by Dave Hawley on February 15, 2001 1:12 PM

Hi Doug

Regarding the min/max/X i would guess this file has Window protection on. Go to Tools>Protection>Unprotect Workbook. When/if you do protect the workbook, make sure the "Windows" box is not checked.

Regarding the printer error, hmmm not so easy it could be one of many things. I guess the first thing to try is to re-install the printer. Then maybe download a new printer driver. They are usually free and should be done at some stage.

Oh, and run scan disks and do a disk defrag.

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