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Posted by Rob Jackson on October 02, 2001 7:02 AM


My problem is I have various reports scattered on various drive around a network. In order to make it easy for people to access them I wanted to create a menu as a toolbar so people can select the correct one and it will be opened. I tried it by creating a menu then hyperlinking the options to the various reports. This was not successful. I then tried writing an add-in with various sub's to open each report. However I am having difficulty linking it to the menu. I feel I have missed the point. Can anyone explain if how addins work. I know how to switch them on and off but how do you call procedures within them. Are they simply Sub's or am I wrong. How do you link them to toolbars.

Thanks in advance.


Posted by Ryan on October 02, 2001 12:05 PM


I found a good article on MSDN (believe it or not). I had the same questions as you and it really helped me understand better.

This may help you out.