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Adding Columns/Negative nums

Posted by Marc Smith on November 11, 2000 10:35 AM


I'm trying to organize a spreadsheet to keep a track of my stocks. I want it to look neat so put information in "every other" column to space things out. Well when I try to add numbers like 22.78, 31.90, 9.01, etc. with empty columns between them, it won't add. And then when I put in a number underneath those that are the same like 3.47 and so on it won't add them, it says I should enter decimals or integers....aren't those decimals between them? What's the problem there...can I not add numbers such as those?
And second...I tried to enter a negative number in a -2.50 and instead it put "Feb50" in the cell. I don't want to add those numbers, just put them in there for viewing purposes. Why can't I do that?
I'd really appreciate your help on this so I can get started. Thanks a lot.

Posted by thomas venn on November 17, 2000 11:36 AM

I don't know how you designed your spreadsheet in the first place, but you initial design may have something with your problem. one thing you can try is to redo all your cells as "general". you cannot use format to do this, it will not work properly. you need to do the following: highlight one column, go to Data->Text to Columns->Choose Delimited->Next->uncheck all Delimiters->Next->Column data format GENERAL->Finish. Hope this helps.