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Application Packager?

Posted by Joe Was on August 08, 2001 6:40 AM

Does anyone know of an Excel utility to allow an application to be run without Excel. The Microsoft Download site has the 97 Viewer which lets you view the sheets of Excel 97,2000 and XP, but will not run any code, macros or functions.

I need a Runtime module or application Packager like the ones made for database applications which allow full operation of the application without the design program. The ones I have used in the past with databases did not let the user create only operate the application.

I would like this so those who do not have Excel can run my applications?

Any help out there? JSW

Posted by Cory on August 08, 2001 6:53 AM

Not an answer, but...

I think that would be just Visual Basic, rather than VBA. The language is about the same, but your programs aren't built as a shell on top of something else (Excel in this case); they stand alone once they're made executable.

If it can be done with an Excel utility, I sure would like to know where I can download it! Save me bundles of money!


Posted by Ian on August 08, 2001 2:25 PM


check microsoft's site for this, but not that i'm aware of.
I assume you're refering to something like the office developer's addition, that always you to distribute (licence free) runtime Access apps.

if this is what you mean then NO.

large co.'s can purchase (so can anyone, but only large co.'s can afford it) a once time licence that allows it staff to use any, that's ANY microsoft package.