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Auto Filter

Posted by Rod Joye on October 27, 2000 6:22 AM

I seem to remember being able to delete visable rows that meet the selected criteria without deleting the rows that were not visable. I can't locate the correct command now. It seems that it had some kind of an option like "only the visible rows."

Thanks for your help.

Rod Joye

Posted by Ben O. on October 27, 2000 7:16 AM

When you have the autofilter on, hidden rows won't be deleted when you use the Selection.ClearContents command on range that's being filtered.


Posted by Ian on October 27, 2000 4:00 PM

Posted by Ian on October 27, 2000 4:04 PM

If you do want to delete the visable cells only, you can highlight them from filter. Then select Edit -> Goto -> Special -> Visable Cells only and hit the delete key.