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Changing Column "Names"

Posted by Phil Ridley on January 08, 2001 12:32 AM

What I would like to do is change the column name. Currently the first column is "A" and the cell in the first row is "1" making the cell reference "A1". I would like to rename the "A" to something like "Name" so the cell reference becomes "Name1".

Is it possible to do this ?

Thanks in advance,

Posted by Dave Hawley on January 08, 2001 3:43 AM

Hi Phil

It sort of is by using Named cells.

Type the Word: Name1 in cell B1 then while B1 still being selected use the fill handle (little black square bottom right of cell) drag down as far as needed.

Now highlight Column A:B and hold down the Alt key and push I then N then C and select "Right column" only and click OK. Clear Column B.

All your cells in Column A that had a name opposite will now be named.

type =Name1 in any cell and you will see.

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