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Changing row heighth

Posted by Sharon on November 16, 2000 2:52 PM

When saving an excel sheet, somehow it ended up in the Microsoft Word program. When I copied it back to the Microsoft Excel program, the heighth of the cells were like double spaced instead of single. (Each cell has only single line entries.) How can I change it back to the way it should be normally? Thank you in advance for your answer. Oh, we just recently updated Excel 97 to 2000.

Posted by Jeff Williams on November 16, 2000 5:21 PM

Try this: Point your cursor to the "button" containing the number of the row or rows you wish to change, then RIGHT CLICK. Choose "Row Height" by right clicking; a dialog box should open up. Now type in the height you would like and choose "OK." (The default row height is 12.75, you may wnat to reset your rows to this number first, then experiment by increasing or decreasing the number until it looks the way you want.) Good luck!

Jeff Willams