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cleaning headers and footers history

Posted by Luc Rogge on October 31, 2000 9:20 AM

Hi Mr Excel,

My company made customized exports from our own applications to Excel,
using Excel template files
(that is: regular XLS files copied and filled with data).

The problem is:
the template files contain the history of the headers and footers used in the development stage:
- "confidential"
- "adaptated by programmer X"

Some customers questioned us about those titles:
"have you the right to distribute those templates?", etc.

Those template are quite complex (with many named areas),
and customers may have adapted some templates
(that's the purpose of the template).
We thus can't just make new templates and overwrite existing ones.

My boss is about to kill programmer X because of that.
(you know how bosses are...).

Do you know any way to remove such information from the Excel file?



(Luc Rogge
Village data,

P.S. Programmer X has left the company before the problem appeared,
so the boss can't easily kill him.
So don't worry too much about him if you don't have a solution ;-)

Posted by Ivan Moala on November 01, 2000 2:31 AM

This link may help you....however I don't think it
will completely eliminate the references.....the
only way I know of doing this (there may be another)
is by using a Low level Binary file editor....But
you need to know what you are looking for to edit...can be time consuming.......have a look anyway @ the link.


Posted by Luc Rogge on November 01, 2000 5:45 AM

Thanks Ivan,
... but I don't see the link!


Posted by Ivan Moala on November 01, 2000 9:30 PM