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Computer crash- copying and pasting

Posted by Thomas McKann on September 28, 2001 7:35 AM

Hi, Since installing office 2000, my computer has crashed on me several times when trying to use the copy/paste function in excell, it doesn't happen all the time but a high percentage. I don't know if this is an excell problem or a problem with my system, but the guy who set it up for me swears there must be an error in excell, maybe due to a faulty installation. I have tried reinstalling office several times but still the problem persists. Obviously this is really frustrating as I cannot copy and paste without the high risk of having to restart my computer- help please!

Posted by Greg Collett on September 28, 2001 12:55 PM

Welcome to GPF (General Protection Fault) land! It is littered with landmines and no-one knows where they are!

I have had GPFs with Excel when using certain spreadsheets which also gave me a GPF when using dynamic data exchange (DDE) to another application.

However, you should not be getting GPFs within Excel. That is plain delinquent bahiour.

Try the following basic things:

Run Scandisk

Run Disk Defragmenter. This can take a few hours if you have a big drive and have not run it before.

Turn off any screen savers before running scandisk and defrag and then keep then off while testing Excel.

Some screensavers access the hard disk regularly and this can cause conflicts and resource problems.

Does this happen with all spreadsheets. You should be able to get two free support sessions from Microsoft. I have sued them and the folks there have been very good. They do not let a problem remain unresolved. Check them out at

Good luck.


Greg Collett