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converting Excel to standalone

Posted by Alex on January 15, 2002 5:17 AM

Are there ways to convert an Excel spreadsheet model to a standalone operation (i.e. requiring no MS Excel to run)? Something similar to MS Powerpoint does with Pack and Go?

Or do I need to get a programmer in to write me the program from the ground up?

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Posted by Christopher on January 15, 2002 7:13 AM

the quick answer is that this can't be done with Excel. anyone who wants to use your program will need a copy of excel.

Posted by Paul Carter on January 15, 2002 12:01 PM

There is a Canadian company that makes a product called BALER. I used to use it with 123.
You can save your excel book as wk? format then import it to BALER.The great thing was that you can choose to save only data values, making for tiny files
It depends how complex your application is.
"Visual Baler does not support Excel macros, functions, buttons, and add ons. This means you will have to rewrite anything you have done in Excel to match the Visual Baler format."