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Copying merged cells

Posted by Jimmy on January 16, 2001 8:23 AM

Is it possible to copy merged cells to another sheet if the merged areas are not the same size. I am using this code but keep getting an Error Message 1004 "Cannot Change Part of Merged Cell." The supcomments is merged cells from A84 to I93. Further down in the code it is mergeing cells A2:I40 on the Supervisors Comment sheet

With Sheets("Eval Form")
.Range("A83").Copy Sheets("Supervisor Comments").Range("A1")
.Range("supcomments").Copy Sheets("Supervisor Comments").Range("A2")
End With

What I am needing is a comment area to supervisors to add comments to the evaluation form. If they exceed the area allowed on the actual form I want to be able to use a macro and copy it to another sheet named Supervisor Comments that will print out when the form is printed. But I can't get it to copy and paste into a new sheet.

Thanks for any help.

Posted by tom venn on January 16, 2001 4:39 PM

You should be able to copy merged cells to another sheet with no problem. you need to keep in mind that if your merged cell is of 3 cells merged into one, you need to highlight 3 cells in your new sheet, then choose Paste.