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Date function does not work all the time

Posted by Gab on July 10, 2000 4:01 PM

I used the function "Date" to successfully put the current date in a text box. However when I run the excel program in a different computer, the "Date" function is not recognized. The error message is about a missing library. Would someone help locate this library. Thanks,


Posted by Brad on July 11, 0100 2:25 AM

Have all of the Excel Add-ins been installed on the other computer? I know that for other date functions (eg. "WORKDAY"), you need to install one of the Excel Add-ins. I'm not sure which one - I just installed them all...


Posted by Ivan Moala on July 11, 0100 2:40 AM

You need to goto the VBA editor.
1) ALT F11 (Gets you there)
2) Click Tools / select Reference
3) In the popup box you will see a
reference to a Library file that shows "Missing"
This is the Library file you will need to
add to your users setup.
Browse for this file and select once found.



Posted by Gab on July 11, 0100 7:21 AM

Thanks! I will try your suggestions.
Ivan: I tried a little bit to select a file in the refence box but I could not be sure which of several that appear there is the one that I should select/open (the option in the refence box is for opening)