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Excel 2000 VBA problems??

Posted by Ivor Shaer on October 03, 2000 3:42 PM

I'm sorry, but the question is too long and involved to give it the considered answer it deserves. Unfortunately our free service can only answer short, discrete questions.
Your Question was
1: As and when I switch between worksheets I
would like to automatically unhide all
hidden columns and reset the window pane in
the worksheet I am leaving. The SheetChange
subroutine (and all the associated routines)
all address the destination worksheet, not the
departed/deactivated worksheet.
NB: I do not necessarily move to adjoining
worksheets; Say there are twenty
worksheets, my moves might be from 3 to 11
to 19 to 7 to 1 to 12 etc.

2. Sort "n" rows of data in a spreadsheet, using
a critarium in column "B" (eg Country)and
copy all rows of each country into seperate
worksheets created "on the fly".

Posted by Celia on October 04, 2000 1:44 AM

1.Have you tried using the macro recorder to get the code for what you want to do?
Once you've established the code, try putting it in Worksheet_Activate and Worksheet_Deactivate modules.
2.Again, try using the macro recorder to get the code.