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Excel 97 corrupting Excel 95 files

Posted by Chris on August 03, 1999 7:15 AM

We're in the process of upgrading Office 95 to Office 97. Recently we've experienced Excel 95 files being corrupted by Excel 97. We cannot save, save as..., or save to a different format without "This program has performed an illegal operation..." message popping up. The offending modules are "mso97.dll", "excel.exe" and a module referred to as "<unknown>". We can open the files and look at them but can't make any changes to them. Any ideas on a patch or fix??

Posted by Christmas Carol on July 07, 0100 5:15 AM

Are there any external links to another file?
If so, do the links contain any cells (in the external file) with more than 250 characters of text?
If so, then these cells need their text truncated to max 250 chars, OR,
the externally linked file must also be open when you update the links, or save the file.