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Excel Coding Question... Help!

Posted by Danielle on May 31, 2001 3:10 PM

I am having problems with an excel test question.

I need to be able to jump from one set column/cell to another set column/cell. (aka - A1 to B2) simply by hitting the tab or enter button. The user shouldn't have to do anything other than leave the cell to get it to fire.

Anyone have ideas? Is this a VB thing? Thinking it's in coding somewhere.

PS - Apparently creating a new macro is "not" the answer

Posted by Michel on May 31, 2001 4:58 PM

If you just want to move one cell to the right when enter is pressed, go to Tools>Options>Edit>MoveSelectionAfterEnter>Direction:Right

Posted by Danielle on May 31, 2001 5:27 PM

Thanks! :) But I don't need it to move to the right/left but rather diagonal or in a sporadic pattern.

Posted by Ian G on May 31, 2001 10:57 PM

Hi Danielle
If I've understood your question properly I think you can achieve what you want using worksheet protection. Go to Tools\Protection\Protect Sheet and enter a password of your choice. You will be prompted to repeat the password and once you have done this you won't be able to edit the sheet. Next, select the cells you want to be able to jump to (using your example, A1, B2, etc,holding down the Ctrl key to select multiple cells). Then, with these cells still highlighted, go to Format\Cells and select the Protection tab and clear the Locked check box. Now you should be able to move to the unlocked cells just by pressing the Tab key. I guess this would work for a whole workbook (using Protect Workbook instead of Protect worksheet) but I haven't tried this.
Ian G

Posted by Ian G on May 31, 2001 11:51 PM

Re: Correction

Got it fack to bront. unlock the cells first, then protect the worksheet. Oops.
Ian G