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Excel drop down-list multiple select

Posted by R.Deane on October 09, 2000 8:44 AM

I need some help. A teacher wants to be able to select
multiple items from a list:

The entry for "Pronoun's lesson plan" can have multiple curriculum
objective standard related to it. I want the teacher to
be able to click on a drop down list of abreviated
objective standards and attach multiple standards from
that list to the lesson and place the selections in a

Any ideas?


Posted by Jim Knicely on October 09, 2000 10:31 AM

Hi Randy ...

(In Excell 2000)

This is simple. After you've created the list box control on a userform, right click on it and then select 'format control' from the context menu. A dialog box will appear and you'll see a radio group labeled 'selection type'. I usually pick the 'Extend' option as the selection type, as it allows you to use the shift and control key for large group selects.

In code you can do stuff like:

For i = 1 To lbox.ListCount
If lbox.Selected(i) = True Then
SelectedCount = SelectedCount + 1

End If

Next i

To get the total selected items in your list box....

Lotta fun ...

Hope this helps.