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Excel Files get corrupted very often!

Posted by Santosh Malve on March 19, 2001 11:09 PM

i'm experiencing lot of problems with ms-excel 2000
1. excel files gets corrupted very often.
2. while opening a file message " Unable to read ..." is displayed.
3. sometimes it shows "file cannot be accessed, the file may be read only. or you may be trying to access it from a read only location.or the server the document is stored may not be responding . ( this message appears when trying to access file stored on a novell server 4.11. i've tried reinstalling client32 but didn't helped)

please guide me regd this.

thank you

Santosh Malve

Posted by Dave Hawley on March 19, 2001 11:44 PM

Hi Santosh

Office 2000 now has a "Detect and Repair" option on their CD. Insert and run the Office 2000 CD and you will see this option.

You could also have a read of these MS articles to see if any apply:

Last but not least, with Excel closed, go to Start>Run and type in:
Excel /regedit
Then click OK. Notice the space after the switch. This will force Excel to re-register itself.

For a full list of switches go here:

Good luck

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