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Excel in Office 2000

Posted by Christopher Maddocks on October 29, 2000 1:30 AM

From the Help menu in Excel within Office 2000 it would appear that a file saved in Excel in Office 2000 can be opened with Excel 97 (apart from some features not working) without any hassle - I need to save an Excel file created in 2000 onto a floppy and then run the file from a notebook with Excel 97 on it. Am using Win'98 SE on both machines.
Any possible problems??

Posted by John Rigali on November 01, 2000 8:31 AM

I haven't tried to open an Excel 2000 workbook in Excel 97 yet, but I've had trouble opening Excel 97 workbooks in Excel 95 and Excel 95 workbooks in Excel 5.0.

If you do have trouble, you do have recourse. If you use the "Save As..." command in Excel 2000, you can choose to save the workbook as an Excel 97-2000 & 5.0/95 Workbook as an alternative to the standard Excel 2000 Workbook format.