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File size confusion?

Posted by John on June 21, 2000 1:00 PM

I've seen this before on Word and now Excel.

I created a spread sheet with data sheets and graphs and added
two .jpg's. The file size was 300Kb. I did a save as to
a different file name. I replaced the data with no more
than before, deleted and replaced the two .jpg's with
ones of the same size as before and now the file size is
1.9Mb. Huuuhhh!!!.
Were am I missing it. This is crazy!!!

Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks for any help in advance

Posted by John on June 22, 0100 6:43 AM

It noticed is not the fact that the stuff is not getting deleated but
the same picts increased in file size
I ran some experiments and noticed that the same jpg's
were 137kb in the first file and 900kb in the save as file.
Thought maybe when I insert the pict from file I
could select image type. Not the case.
any insight??

Posted by Ryan on June 21, 0100 1:05 PM

This happens all the time with programming in VBA. When you delete something, it's technically not totally gone, you just can't access it anymore. So what you had there before is still taking up space. The thing to do is start each time w/ a new workbook, don't create one over the other. Hope this helps.


Posted by John on June 21, 0100 1:15 PM

Thanks for your insight. My workbooks have complex
formats and it would be very time consuming to start
over every time. I wish there was a different way.
Sounds like another Microsoft oversight.

Posted by Ryan on June 21, 0100 2:47 PM

Has nothing to do w/ Microsoft, that's just the way that computers work. Nothing is every "DELETED" into oblivion. Like I said it's still there, just not accessible, that's just how it is. You could set up a TEMPLATE workbook that has the formats. This would probably be the next solution.