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Footer adjustment

Posted by Michael Smith on December 14, 2001 9:34 AM

I would like to put the contents of a cell in a footer. Somehow I can only get the standard options working like date and time.

Posted by Joe Was on December 14, 2001 10:55 AM

Unless there is a trick outthere I think we are limited to the custom buttons and typed text?

If you place info. in the top row of your sheet you can also reference a data cell in the top row, by naming your data cell (In H1 put your data cell location =C5 or name C5 myHeader and use in H1 =myHeader)

Then in "Page Setup" - "Sheet" put in "Rows to repeat at top" $1:$1

This will get you a header like affect on each sheet.

Note you can put your data in row 1 and keep row 2 & 3 blank and put $1:$3 in the rows to repeat box. This will give you two lones of space between your your fake Header and your worksheet. If you do this reduce the Header margin to "0" in "Margins." Sorry, hope this helps? JSW