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Get rid of automatic links?

Posted by Gracie on August 08, 2000 1:08 PM


I have an excel document that has many tabs with a LOT of numbers and formulas on it. A while back I copied information from another document and when I went to paste it into this one I must've hit paste links instead. It was fine, except now everytime I open the document it asks me if I want to update this workbook with changes made to the other workbook. I don't want this to link, but, no matter how I try I can't get rid of it. I have Excel 97 and went to the MS page and downloaded the Delete Wizard on my system. I thought this would get rid of it, but, it goes through the whole process and then tells me there was no link found! I'm so frustrated. Please help. Thank you,


Posted by Chris on September 27, 2000 6:53 AM

> If you've tried the Delete links wizard available from Microsoft and it still doesn't work then check to see if you have any merged cells in your worksheet. If so the old link may be contained in one or more of those merged cells. Also these won't show up if you try and Ctrl-F (find) your old link.
De-merge your cells and check the values.


Posted by Michael Liu on August 08, 0100 1:47 PM

Links can be a tricky thing to get rid of.
One way is to go to Edit->Links, note all the source
files the book references, and then do a find on each sheet
to locate cells that go there.
This does not dispose of named ranges that point to external
references. You would have to go through each entry in
Insert->Name->Define to make sure nothing references an external
If you want, you can E-mail me a copy of the workbook, and I can
try to get rid of the links. (as long as it's under 4MB)

Hopefully, from what you've said, all links are located on just one
worksheet in your file.