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Posted by Charles on November 27, 2000 8:46 AM

I bolded and colored in several lines of cells of a spreadsheet. Later I went back and removed the bolding and coloring, but when I did it took away the border lines around those cells. How do I get the border lines back around those cells? Thanks!

Posted by Ben O. on November 27, 2000 9:41 AM

Do you want borders or gridlines to appear on those cells? Borders will print, while gridlines will only appear on screen. If the gridlines have disappeared, go to Tools > Options > View and make sure that Gridlines is checked under Window Options. If the gridlines are still not there, select the cells they're missing from, and select Format > Cells > Patterns and choose No Color.

If it's borders that you want, select the cells you want borders for, select Format > Cells > Border, click on Outline and Inside (assuming you want all 4 borders for each cell) and click OK.

Let me know if you'd like more help,


Posted by Charles on November 27, 2000 12:44 PM

Thanks Ben! I should have been more specific in my question by stating that it was gridlines on the screen I was looking for. The Format > Cells > Patterns, No Color gave me what I needed!