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HELP !!! Re-Establish DDE link with Word

Posted by Marc on December 26, 2000 10:06 PM

I created an XL spreadhseet in XL 2000 running on a desktop PC (WIN 98 SE), and linked to a template in Word 2000. When I copy the spreadsheet & template to a laptop pc (WIN NT 4.0) I am unable to link the two for a mail merge. It says unable to re-establish DDE link. All components (MS Query, etc.) are installed, and the only spreadsheets I can link on the laptop are ones with the exact same format, but with no data in them. It doesn't work from the macro I created, or manually. Both methods work on the Desktop.

Posted by Gary on May 06, 2001 6:16 PM

Using the information at the following link, I set up a sucessful live link between xl97 running on win98se and either my winnt or win2000 machines.
Also for more info try:*excel%2526%2528%2522dynamic%2520data%2520exchange%2522%257Cdde%2529