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Here is a complicated one

Posted by Duane Kennerson on October 31, 2001 2:12 PM

Ok, here is the situation. Imagine if you will... I have a range containing 6 columns of information 1000 rows long. The first column contains an employee number with the following 5 columns containing information on that employees performance for one day. (with 1000 rows, I could have information on 1000 employees in the range)

What I need to do is have excel place the information from the range into another worksheet that sorts the employee information. (ie. it looks at the employee number in the range, goes to the other worksheet and finds the area I have reserved for this employee and pastes the other 5 rows of information there)

I want to be able to track up to 40 days of information on each employee. So I would need excel to paste the information on the next available (blank) row for that particular employee on the worksheet that I am pasting the information to. (i.e I don't want excel to paste over previous information on the employee, I want it to add to the employees information so that I can have a read out on all 40 days of production)

All references would rely on the employee number.

Whew, does this make sense? Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance, I know its a tall order...
Duane Kennerson

Posted by CMorrigu on November 01, 2001 12:45 PM

This is similar to the problem I posted yesterday. I posted the solution there...


Posted by CMorrigu on November 05, 2001 10:40 AM

also see">