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How do I get this to work.

Posted by Cliff on February 11, 2002 10:20 PM

I am using a userform to input invoice information. After the information is complete the user clicks a button and the information is then put into the designated row and columns. I am using this as my row definition (NextRow, 1) where Nextrow tells it which row and the 1 tells it which column. My problem is that will not start out correctly. I had it working fine for one worksheet except that the code I used made it start in row 11 and I needed for it to start in row 9. I fixed that but then the code wouldn't work on the other sheets. So, can I just state that NextRow = 9 at the beginning of my code? And if so how? I tried using NextRow = 9, then before my code I want it to increment 1 row before transferring the data. So I then put NextRow + 1, but I can't get it work. Should I just use a do-while or another loop code. Everything works fine as far as transferring the data to the correct columns but getting it to start at row 9 and then increment one row for each new invoice I'm having trouble.


Posted by Ed on February 12, 2002 8:42 AM

Try changing NextRow + 1 to NextRow = NextRow + 1