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How to copy multiple worksheets onto one

Posted by Mike Ski on November 16, 2000 12:10 PM

I have a workbork that contains multiple worksheet budgets for each department in my organization. How can I quickly copy all of the worksheets onto one for import into my accounting software?

Posted by John Rigali on November 22, 2000 7:59 AM

The only way to do this *quickly* that occurs to me would be to write a macro and give it a button or hotkey combo; then, when you want to copy them, you merely click on the macro button or press the hotkey combo. I'm guessing that you'd have to specify each worksheet's numbers of rows and columns in the macro in order to copy it, which means that you'd have to update the macro if the cell dimensions of any of the worksheets gets changed -- but I could be wrong about this. Hopefully Ivan Moala or Tim Francis-Wright can chime in here about this.