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Hyperlinks and Browsed Pages

Posted by William Tincup on July 27, 2001 11:01 PM

help o help

my 17 year old cousin came to visit for a week and did damn near nothing but look at porn while my wife and i were at work. i know this becasue i was preparing a spreadsheet for work and was inserting a hyperlink and accidently hit the "browsed pages" button. alas, nothing but porn sites. where the hell do these files come from? or reside on my computer to be more precise. i tried deleting the history and temp internet files but to no avail. my fear is that my wife will trip upon these files and think it was me gooing and gaaing over porn. please help. i'd rather not get busted for something i didn't do. thanks for the help.

Posted by anon on July 28, 2001 2:55 AM

there're lots of places these sites CAN store them (so they tell me), did you delete the cookies file?? failing that search everywhere or get a more understanding wife (just a joke). the cookies thing should do it, there are also applications that can erase all trace of sites, don't which ones but there are.