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I need help! When in a website, trying to open information!

Posted by Renee on January 05, 2002 8:41 PM

Hi can anyone help me?
Here is an example:
I am on a public website in my city about a local pool.
Whenever I try to view the schedule for swimming my computer automatically opens up Microsoft Excel!
Therefore all I see is the cells, but no information I'm looking for (just the pool's swimming schedule).
This happens on any site when I try to open up a file!
Why can't I just see the info that I'm asking for!
Someone told me I have to delete my Microsoft Excell files, but my husband uses them for work sometimes! Am I making any sense? Help!!!!this is so frustrating!

Posted by Joe Was on January 06, 2002 8:44 PM

It sounds like the default has been set to use Excel as the viewer. Try clicking "File" then select "open" then type the address of the site. If this does not work try it again but check As a Web Folder. If this does not work then on your browser set-up the default editor has been set to Excel. Ask your Hubby if you can change it to OutLook or Word or someting more universal? JSW