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I need to convert a spreadsheet in to a graphic file

Posted by Mauro on August 21, 2000 2:08 PM

Can some please help me with the following:

I need to convert a spreadsheet in to a graphic file like JPG, TIF, PCX, BMP Etc...

Thanks, Mauro

Posted by Mauro on August 22, 0100 7:25 AM

Thanks, it worked. Mauro

Posted by Allan on August 26, 0100 2:38 PM

That works great..thanks for sharing that. I have a worksheet in a workbook that I have
updating on a timed macro to show work performance in a manufacturing area for all the
workers on the line to get current status of thier output and current
inventories. Is there a way to get excel or paint or perhaps powerpoint to run a macro
to convert my worksheet to a bmp and display it?

Posted by Chas on August 21, 0100 6:28 PM

Hey Mauro, I can't believe I may be able to help someone on this board. :)
In Windows, if you open "Paint" and minimize it, and then open your spreadsheet,
all you need to do then is hit your "Print Screen" key. Then restore your
"Paint" program and hit "Ctrl V" (Paste). It will say the image is bigger than your
set up for, Do you want to enlarge your image? Click "Yes" and your image
(of the active window Excel)will fill the Paint screen. Then save it as an image or crop
it to suit your needs. Hope I could help.

Posted by Ivan Moala on August 21, 0100 9:06 PM

As a follow on to Chas's good suggestion, if you
want to copy a particular area or object then just
select it and copy.....then follow through with
Chas's suggestion......or you could do it via code.