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Insert column

Posted by Richard on September 06, 2001 5:16 PM

I have always been able to add (Insert)columns to my worksheet and now I get a message "To prevent possible loss of data, MS Excel cannot shift nonblank cells off the worksheet. Try to delete or clear the cells to the right and below your data. Then select A1, and save your workbook to reset the last cell used. Or, you can move the data to a new location and try again." I have alway had data to the right when I did this before. Did I do something to corrupt the file or define the worksheet that is preventing the adding of columns?


Posted by Richard S on September 06, 2001 5:53 PM


If you hit control+End, this will take to the furthest used cell in the sheet. You may find that it goes right over to column IV, even though there is nothing there. If you delete all the columns to the right of the last column used and resave the sheet, you should then be able to insert columns. If your data does go all the way to column IV, you're in strife.