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Is there a simple way of copying cell contents into one cell?

Posted by Marcus on November 01, 2000 1:10 AM

What I want to do is to get the contents (text) of several cells into one cell.
For example:
original cells:


outcome, one cell:
apples, oranges, bananas, pears


Posted by zIF on November 01, 2000 3:16 AM

Take a look at CONCATENATE in the online help. That should give you what you need.

Posted by Loren on November 01, 2000 4:17 AM

Also might try Edit-Fill -Justify

Posted by Marcus on November 01, 2000 5:04 AM

Thanks for that piece of advice. But what this command only does is to represent the values in the copied cells.

I cannot concatenate a number of cells and then edit the content. There is the text to columns command, what I need is something like the other way around.

Posted by John Bingham on November 02, 2000 12:11 PM

you concatenate, then copy, then paste special... values.

Posted by Marcus on November 07, 2000 5:21 AM

My mind didn't work that day.