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Is there a way to tab over protected cells?

Posted by Dan on March 24, 2000 6:14 AM

I'm setting up a worksheet for a data entry clerk. The worksheet has many formulas that are protected. I'm trying to save time and make it as easy as possible to use. Is there a way to make excel tab over these protected cells?

Posted by Mark Maerz on March 24, 2000 6:51 AM

For cells you want to enter data into, select the cells, right-click and choose format cells. Select the protect tab and remove the check from Lock cells. Click OK to exit cell properties. Now when you protect the worksheet, the "unlocked" cells will be available for data entry. When you use the tab key the cursor will advance to the unlocked cells and skip over the locked cells. ( all cells are locked by default. you must manually unlok in cell properties

Posted by Dan on March 24, 2000 7:22 AM

Since you can arrow into them I assumed you could tab into them as well. My bad... thanks anyway.

Posted by mhairi on April 01, 2000 7:29 AM

I think hitting scroll lock on the keyboard does what you want - give it a try

Posted by Ivan Moala on April 04, 2000 3:57 AM

What you are after is DataEntryMode
have a look @ online help.