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Posted by Jill on April 23, 2001 9:43 PM

I am working on a spreadsheet that has two levels in the ouline. Each levels hides different rows. I can't figure out how to chaaange the row that are hidden with this feature. I can undo a Show level, but no help is available. I am using excel97

Posted by Dave Hawley on April 23, 2001 9:53 PM

Hi Jill

The function you are refering to called grouping. You should find some help for this feature by typing: "Troubleshoot outlining a worksheet" the below is taken from the Excel help.

Select only the detail data for grouping When you manually group rows and columns, select only the detail rows or columns that make up the group. Do not include the related summary row or column in the selection. For example, if Row 6 contains totals for the data in Rows 3 through 5, select only Rows 3 through 5 to define the group.

Display all data before grouping When you group multiple outline levels, it's best to have all data displayed. If you're grouping manually, make sure to select all of the subordinate summary rows or columns, as well as their related detail data. For example, Rows 6 and 10 contain subtotals for Rows 3 through 5 and Rows 7 through 9, respectively. Row 11 contains grand totals. To group the detail data for Row 11, select Rows 3 through 10.

Change the direction of the outline If Microsoft Excel displays the show detail symbol or the hide detail symbol next to the wrong row or column of the outline, first display any hidden data, and then select the outlined range. On the Data menu, point to Group and Outline, click Settings, and then verify that the options under Direction are correct. If summary rows or columns are located above or to the left of the related detail rows and columns, clear the Summary rows below detail or Summary columns to right of detail check box.


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