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Merging Word and multiple worksheets

Posted by Dale on December 13, 2001 7:42 PM

I keep my grades on Excel. One file has several worksheets in it. I would like to mail merge the contents of one worksheet to a Word file and another worksheet from the same Excel with a different Word file. My problem is that unless the particular worksheet is the "top" worksheet, I can't seem to merge it, or even be able to set it up so I can merge it with Word. I hope I'm clear in all this. Can anyone help me?? Thanks


Posted by Mike C on December 14, 2001 4:43 AM

Here is one way that will work (assuming that you wish to keep all the worksheets in a single Excel file.

1. Use Access to create a database. Create separate linked tables to each worksheet you want to use.
2. In Word, use the Mail Merge Helper to Open Data Source and specify the database you created in step 1 and then choose the table that corresponds to the worksheet you want to use.

The Access database exists merely to provide you a way to get at multiple sheets in a single Excel file. Because the Access tables are linked, changes that you made in the Excel sheet will be automatically reflected in the tables.