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Need to find the name of the sheet where the answer to calculation lies

Posted by esther on January 10, 2002 10:09 AM

I have a bunch of sheets with Time values in them. I then have 1 sheet that holds statistics for ex min, max,avg, standard deviation of the times. I need to get the name of the sheet where the data was picked up from
EX best time min(values) = 5 sheet= sheet1

Posted by Joe Was on January 10, 2002 10:25 AM

On your report sheet, off to the Right of your report pick two columns. Select the left column and a cell in that column that you want to start the list of all your named ranges. Then, from the menu select:
Paste List

Excel will create a database list of all the named ranges used in your workbook. The first of your two columns will be the range name the second column will be the "Sheet Name and Range."

You can the reference the list with VLOOKUP to return the address of the Range Name used in your formula. JSW