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novice questions-auto recovery with 13mb spreadsheet

Posted by keftedes on January 10, 2002 9:11 AM

1. how do I disable auto recovery function?

2. how do I get the color and formatting back on a page that has been recovered?

3 I have a spread sheet that contains 12 to 13mb. I use it on a daily basis inputting info from an investment paper. At the end of the week I copy to a new new worksheet,erase the old data and input the new weeks's data. I save each month and then open a new excel for each new month. My current spread sheet is stuck. I can't copy it to a worksheet or move to a new book. The message thaty comes up--reads "disc is full". I have lots of memory--excess. ( Cleron dual processors with 384 RAM). I run on Windows ME with excel 97( I believe). Help

Posted by George J on January 10, 2002 9:24 AM

Not the answer

Don't Know about auto recovery, but if possible - to avoid losing all data, try to copy and past to another workbook or save as something different. Some errors maywipe out all your work (painful memories) try to do this before saying ok to any error messages if possible


Posted by Sam S on January 10, 2002 6:33 PM

Need a template

Also sounds as if you need to save your spreadsheet as a template instead of calling up old spreadsheets and deleting data. Have a look at your Save As options.