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PageSetup crashing

Posted by Bill on October 05, 2000 9:16 AM

I developed a macro for a user at our company. The macro runs on my machine (XL2000). It runs on my colleague's machine (XL97). On the user's machine, it gets 98% of the way through the macro, then blows up with a runtime error 1004 in a very innocuous section of code.

With ActiveSheet.PageSetup
.CenterFooter = "Page &P of &N"

If I delete this line of code, it blows up with the same error on the next line in the PageSetup code.

Of course, the fact that it works on every machine but the user's machine is no consolation to the user.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Posted by Ivan Moala on October 06, 2000 2:44 AM

Not sure BUT have you check for diff printers
ie. Printer driver may be causing the crash ??