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password for file

Posted by satya on June 15, 2000 10:12 AM

Can any one tell me how can i set password for file in msexcel

Posted by Sherlock on June 15, 0100 12:52 PM


Please follow the steps given below to set password for a file in MS Excel.

1.Open the file which you want to assign a password.
2.Click on File-> Save As.
3.In the Save As dialog box,click Options.(In Excel2000,click on
Tools --> General Options from "Save As" dialog box)
4. Here you can type the password to open & modify.
5. Click OK.
6. It will confirm the password entered. Reenter the passwords
7. Click OK.


Posted by mads on June 15, 0100 1:04 PM

Look up Password in the Excel help file.