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path + page #'s

Posted by JTG on January 29, 2001 3:05 PM

I need to print the location (path), filename, date and page # of __ Pages on each page and can do all except the path via headers.
or -
I can get the path & file name to repete using
=cell("filename") but I can not figure out how to get page # and/or page# of x# Pages and
the date to print - do you have any suggestions?

Posted by Jim on January 29, 2001 3:25 PM


If you are looking for Page 1 of 10 etc.

Under Page Setup Header/Footer Tab Create a Custom Header or Footer. There are Icons to choose # (page number) or ++ to choose PAGES.
You need to insert the words "Page" and the word "OF". Thus: Page # of ++ where the symbols represent the Icons under Page Setup HEader/Footer Tab / Custom Header or Footer would result in Page 1 OF 10.

Hope this helps. Jim