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Print multiple ranges like in Lotus 123 ???

Posted by Paul Willing on December 07, 2000 6:14 PM

I would like to print multiple ranges (not necessarily located on the same worksheet). In Lotus I could define the print range with named ranges like: Header;Range1 (Range1 has page break at the bottom);Header;Range2, etc.

This allowed me to print Headers that did not match column layouts of the report data on the same page of a report and automate it with macros, i.e. Print page 1, Print page 2, etc.

How do you do the same in Excel? When I try it - Page Setup | Print Area with ranges separate by commas or even naming separate areas the same range name, it always prints one range on one page and the next on another page.

Posted by DFriou on December 08, 2000 1:06 PM

Have you tried Custom Views and Report Manager?


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