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Problem with link in Word

Posted by Gil Francis on June 29, 2001 12:09 PM

If I add additional rows or columns to a sheet inserted as a link in a Word 2000 document the linked sheet in the Word doc remains the same size. eg 5 rows by 4 columns.
If the new row is added to the end of the sheet it does not appear in Word. If it is inserted between existing rows it will appear in the Word doc but the last row (6) does not appear.
The linked sheet in Word remains at the original size (5x4)
Assistance appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by mseyf on June 29, 2001 1:35 PM

based on my limited knowledge, if you paste a reage of cells as a link into a Word document, you're limited to the number of rows/columns you originally pasted in. A better option may be to insert an Excel object (from the menubar Insert>Object...>Microsoft Excel Worksheet), and either copy you data into the inserted object sheet or link the inserted sheet to your original sheet (the formula in the cell would be something like =[LinkTest]Sheet1!B4). I think the inserted object might give you a little more versatility.